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Opera Browser offers AI Prompts (Early version)

In the German version of the new Opera Browser version 97.0.4719.43, you’ll find a new feature. Opera calls it AI Prompts and it is listed with a button in the top right corner. But we can ask the AI itself:

AI Prompts is a cutting-edge feature utilized by the Opera browser to enhance user experience and improve overall browsing efficiency. This feature incorporates advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technology to predict and suggest user inputs while they interact with the browser. AI Prompts can assist users in a variety of tasks such as searching, navigating, and filling out forms by offering intelligent suggestions in real time.

Here’s how AI Prompts work:

  1. Learning from user behavior: AI Prompts leverage machine learning algorithms to understand and analyze user browsing patterns, preferences, and habits. This helps the AI model generate more relevant and personalized suggestions.
  2. Context-aware suggestions: The AI system behind AI Prompts is designed to understand the context in which users are browsing. This allows it to provide more meaningful and contextualized suggestions, such as offering to autocomplete options in search bars or filling out forms with relevant information.
  3. Real-time predictions: As users type or interact with the browser, AI Prompts continuously process their inputs and offer suggestions in real time. This significantly reduces the time and effort required to complete tasks and improves the overall browsing experience.
  4. Continuous improvement: The AI model behind AI Prompts is constantly learning and improving as it gathers more data about user behavior. This ensures that the feature remains up-to-date and effective in providing the most accurate and useful suggestions.

AI Prompts is a valuable addition to the Opera browser, as it streamlines user interactions and makes browsing more efficient and enjoyable. By incorporating AI technology, Opera demonstrates its commitment to innovation and enhancing the overall user experience.

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